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Brett Vee - Derivative Nation EP


Image of Brett Vee - Derivative Nation EP
  • Image of Brett Vee - Derivative Nation EP

The Monkey. The Swim. The Swim. They all had their time and place. Now the kids are doing the Brett Vee across dance halls nationwide.
Such phenomenons only seem to last so long but that's where Brett Vee is going to dig his hooks into you. Days after the gig, you'll be quietly going about your stupid day when a Vee melody will run across the hallways of your brain like an uptight kid late to class. We suspect long after his early punk/garage/powerpop/whatever phase he will continue to progress into exciting new territory, possibly exploring the far out sounds of Vilayat Khan or William Onyeabor. In the meantime, find out what others already know when they chant for more Brett Vee. Fuzz-ladened tracks to soothe your keyed up soul. Derivative Nation tells you everything there is to know
about Brett Vee at this time. It even has a GBV cover that Brett makes his own. While we anxiously await more material from this young soothsayer, please enjoy this in the meantime. VERY LIMITED CASSETTE EDITION AVAILABLE AS WELL!

(Not included: airport carpet, Elliotts legs)