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Yaawn - Big House


Image of Yaawn - Big House

It is a unique and unexpected experience to be caught off guard by a new release.
Twisting and turning through a manic ride, California's YAAWN hit you hard with hooks. Not those type of hooks, we're talking right and left hooks. The kind that leave you floored. Leaving nothing in the studio, BIG HOUSE wears its heart on its sleeve, with an emotionally wrought effort that is sure to cause
varied visceral reactions from the listener (punching through a wall, driving off an overpass, curling up in a ball, etc).

Sludgy but not sludge, hard but not hardcore, violent but not tough, tough but not violent - YAAWN strikes a unique chord. Drawing from influences as disparate as KARP, RAGANA, LIL' KIM, METZ, +HIRS+, FUCKED UP, and X; it all starts to make sense. The anxious, desperate atmosphere of some of the tracks create a bleak landscape that sounds like BIG HOUSE could of been on PESSIMISER RECORDS in another time and place, but then momentum builds and the KARP influences lead you back to more stable ground. An intense listen, the 12 songs on this album are as vital as anything we've heard in ages. Delivering biting satire and justifiable anger, YAAWN is kicking ass in a BIG HOUSE.